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Tiger Eye Tower

Tiger Eye Tower

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This stone makes you feel good about yourself. It brings confidence but also doesn't let bad energies influence you. It gives you intuition, courage and healing. It's good to bring balance in your life and is an amazing stone for people who keep sabotiging themselves.

I personally keep one at my door for protection and have one with my in my work clothes to keep me motivated and not let me feel down when something goes wrong.

Properties: Balance, Clarity, Courage, Creativity, Manifestation, Motivation, Strength
Personal recommendation: Courage, Protection, Vitality

Water safe: Yes
Sun Safe: 
Yes but not for too long as it can become too hot

Hardness: 7
Chakras: Solar Plexus
Zodiacs: Leo, Capricorn
Planets: Sun
Element: Earth, Fire

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