Cleansing and Charging

There are many ways to cleanse and charge your crystals but the good news is, there is not really a right or wrong way! Whatever alligns with your intuition! Be careful with water and sunlight in combination with some crystals! Some might dissolve in water, discolor or get really hot in the sun! All crystals sold on this website say if it is sun and/or water safe!



With cleansing, you get the stored energy out of the crystal. A crystal can get empty or store too much energy over time and will not work as it should. That is why we cleanse. These are some ways to do that:



You can put crystals under running or still water. Another option is also making moonwater (charge your water under a full moon) and put your crystals in there. Moonwater has a little bit more power and you can also use it for other practices.
You can even use sea water, this way, you use the energy of the earth to cleanse your crystal!



It's as easy as it sounds, just put your crystals in rice!



Same principle as with the rice, just put your crystals in salt!



You can bury your crystal in the earth. As with the sea water, you give the crystal back to the earth so the crystal gets cleansed and charged by the earth.



You go with your incense around your crystals or you get your crystals through the smoke, whatever your intuition feels like doing.
CAUTION: some incense are part of closed practises, such as white sage and palo santo. Also dragon's blood contains white sage.


Other crystals

You can use other crystals to cleanse and charge your crystals. An example of this is selenite. I personally have a selenite plate with black toumaline, tiger eye and rose quartz on at my front door so I don't have to cleanse and charge the black tourmaline every other day.



With charging you crystals, you basically program them to do what you want them to do. To give an example: I have a piece of rose quartz in my healing bowl and that one is focussed on self love. The one by the door is programmed to give a loving atmosphere in our home and another one focusses on love between my fiancée and me.
It is important to set your intentions when charging your crystals.


As said above, sea water can charge your crystals too since it is a natural element, given by the earth, it contains so much energy! 



As previously said, just as sea water, it cleanses and charges your crystal in one!


Other crystals

Crystals like selenite are self cleansing and charging and can cleanse and charge other crystals.



The vibrations bring energy back into the crystal. I personally like to use sea noises for that if I feel like it, or I'll just put on a normal playlist.



You can hold the crystal in your hand and visualize the energy entering your crystal, you can do this by visualizing light going into your crystal.



You can hold the crystal into your hand and breath into it. Like you breath life into it.



You can put your crystals in the moonlight to charge them. It works best with a full moon, but don't worry if it isn't. Even if you cannot see the moon because it is behind the clouds, don't worry, they will still charge. You don't have to put them outside, behind a window works fine too!



Just like moonlight, you can use the sun to charge your crystals! This energy as a bit more powerful. But be careful! Some crystals can fade or can get really hot!