Who is Lunar Lake?

My name is Isolde Tytgat. People know me as a quirky adhd queer person who has some pretty interesting passions.
Throughout the years, I wondered why I was always the odd one out, but as I got older, I learned to embrace my wickedness and I found strength in my weirdness. Because I possibly struggle with adhd and maybe even autism, I have very specific and to some people odd interests, but I also can lose interest quickly again. That’s why I decided to combine some of my hobby rotations into this starting bussiness!

I have always been interested in photography and when I graduated in 2014, my mom gifted me my first SLR camera. I had no clue how to use it or how to even edit pictures, but that didn’t stop me.
When I started studying, I went with graphic design and photography. And being honest, graphic design really wasn’t my thing, but photography was right up my ally! I learned the basics of how my camera works, how to use lightroom and photoshop, but again, very basic. I quit this education in 2018 but proceded to practice photography as a hobby and began to scour online for more knowledge. Now years later, I decided to make it my job, and not my hobby anymore! I proud myself on being a non discriminating artist and allow everybody to be as authentically themselves as possible!

Onto mermaiding! Mermaiding was something I have always loved. Even as a kid in the pool, I played mermaids and I sometimes got a little too much into it. But I didn’t care. I love being in the water, I love the flow and movement of the water, it brings me calmness and rest.
As I got older, I didn’t go swimming that often anymore and left my dream of being a mermaid behind. Until I got to the first edition of Elftopia in Belgium. There, I met Mermaid Celine and I realised that I can still be a mermaid, even as an adult8 But, I actually didn’t pick it up untill 2022. As I suffered from a burn-out from my job back then, I didn’t know what to do and I saw Mermaid Lelie giving courses to get certified. And I knew immediatly that it was meant to be. I enrolled and after three weeks, I got my basic mermaid certificate! In August 2022, I joined the Merdreams merfolk retreat. A full week on a boat on the Mediterarian Sea, practicing our mermaid skills and aquiring my model mermaid en ocean mermaid certificates! I decided to take this hobby to the next step and offer my talents to others, and the rest is history.

And last but not least, in 2023 I got more into crystals, followed by anything spiritual and witchy. I struggled with a lot of trauma and I found a lot of calmness and healing in crystals. As somebody who needs to keep being engaged, I started making crystal pendants, a friend recommended making car vent clips, and as a mermaid, I threw in mermaid inspired pieces too!
I dabbled a bit into candle making too and now we're here!

If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to contact me!

Much love