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Pink Opal Pendant Brass

Pink Opal Pendant Brass

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Wrapped in a tarnish free brass wire.

Pink opal is a very soft, loving and supportive crystal. It promotes selfhealing and helps attract love. It aids in breaking old, destructive patterns which helps you release stress and trauma's from the past.

I often say that working with pink opal is like getting a soft hugs, very soft arms wrapped around you.

Properties:  Balance, Calm, Clarity, Cleansing, Happiness, Love, Personal Growth, Protection
Personal recommendation: Balance, Calm, Personal Growth

Water safe: Yes
Sun Safe: 
Yes but not for too long as it can change color.

Hardness: 6
Chakras: Heart
Zodiacs: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Planets: Earth
Element: Earth, Water

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