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Lepidolite Pendant Stainless Steel

Lepidolite Pendant Stainless Steel

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Wrapped in a stainless steel wire.

Lepidolite is one of my personal favourites. I recommend this one for everybody who wants to heal from their trauma and/or depression. It helps with a lot, ranging from addictions to bipolar disorders to stress to obsessive thoughts to depression to anorexia. Everything trauma related, this is the stone for you. From having worked with it personally, I am confident in saying, it is an amazing stone to add to your collection!

Properties: Balance, Cleansing, Clarity, Calm, Focus, Meditation, Personal Growth
Personal recommendation: Trauma healing

Water safe: No
Sun Safe: 
Yes, but only for a short amount of time

Hardness: 5
Chakras: Crown, Heart, Third Eye
Zodiacs: Libra
Planets: Moon, Jupiter, Neptune
Element: Water

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