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Clear Selenite Pendant Stainless Steel

Clear Selenite Pendant Stainless Steel

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Wrapped in a stainless steel wire.

Clear selenite, just as regular selenite, is a crystal that doesn't need any cleansing. It's a great crystal in combination with other crystal as it has the power to cleanse other crystals.
Clear selenite is even more pure than regular selenite in terms of energy. It brings calm and peace, cleanses the aura and is healing.
It quietens the mind which makes it a great sleeping stone. It helps with mental clarity and stablising and balancing the emotions.

Important: Clear selenite is fragile and must be handled with a lot of care.

Properties: Balance, Calm, Clarity, Cleansing, Protection, Transformation
Personal Recommendation: Cleansing

Water safe: No, it will dissolve in water
Sun Safe: 
Yes, for a short period of time

Hardness: 2
Chakras: Crown
Zodiacs: Taurus
Planets: Moon
Element: Air

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