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Carnelian Pendant Brass

Carnelian Pendant Brass

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Wrapped in a tarnish free brass wire.

Carnelian is a great energetic stone. It helps with the memory and concentration. It makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel alive!

This is one of my personal favorites! As it always brings me energy, confidence and focus. It makes me feel alive but also in control of my emotions.

Properties: Confidence, Courage, Focus, Grounding, Motivation, Passion, Transformation, Vitality
Personal Recommendation: Confidence, Courage, Focus, Motivation Passion, Vitality

Water safe: Yes
Sun Safe: 
Yes but not for too long as it can change color

Hardness: 6-7
Chakras: Sacral
Zodiacs: Taurus, Cancer, Leo
Planets: Sun
Element: Fire

Necklaces can be found here.

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