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Rainbow Fluorite Pendant Stainless Steel

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant Stainless Steel

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Wrapped in a stainless steel wire.

Rainbow fluorite is a great focussing stone as it brings calmness, clarity and motivation. It is also a wonderful protective stone.

I personally have one at my desk to help keep me focussed on my task. As someone with adhd, this stone helps me a lot with completing tasks.

Properties: Balance, Calm, Clarity, Focus, Intuition, Manifestation, Meditation, Protection
Personal recommendation: Focus

Water safe: Yes but not more than a few seconds
Sun Safe: 
No, it can fade rather quickly

Hardness: 4
Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiacs: Capricorn, Pisces
Planets: Mercury
Element: Air

Necklaces can be found here.

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