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Black Obsidian Pendant Brass

Black Obsidian Pendant Brass

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Wrapped in a tarnish free brass wire.

Black obsidian is a very good stone to protect yourself from negative energies and giving strength. It's a very grounding stone. It gets negative paterns out of your aura, which is why it is a good stone to combat negative thinking and behaviours, for example self doubt and addictions.

I personally use this stone to cleanse rooms. I have one put up above my bedroom door. Since it absorbs negative energies, it's a stone that requires more cleansing than other stones.

Properties:  Balance, Cleansing, Grounding, Intuition, Personal Growth, Strenght, Transformation
Personal recommendation: Protection and healing

Water safe: Yes, but not for too long.
Sun Safe: 

Hardness: 5-6
Chakras: Root
Zodiacs: Scorpio, Sagittarius
Planets: Saturn, Pluto
Element: Earth 

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