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Amethyst Pendant Brass

Amethyst Pendant Brass

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Wrapped in a tarnish free brass wire.

Amethyst is a great protection stone. It is part of the golden triangle with clear quartz and rose quartz. It helps with recurrent nightmares, anger, fear, grief but also with addictions such as alcoholism. It strengthens the energy of other stones. It's the stone of wisdom, serinity and balance.

I personally recommend it to people who are generally very stressed and feel very tense all the time. Since it is a protective stone, it brings a lot of calmness to the owner.

Properties:  Calm, Cleansing, Focus, Intuition, Meditation, Protection, Transformation
Personal recommendation: Protection and Calm

Water safe: Yes
Sun Safe: 
Yes but not for too long as it can fade

Hardness: 7
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye
Zodiacs: Aquarius, Pisces
Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
Element: Air

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