Photography Info


When booking, please specify which pack you would like to book with me. I will contact you shortly after to discuss further details.
For my work, please check out my portfolio!



€25 per picture excl. travel cost.
This includes a full edit to make your picture feel out of this world.

NOTE: I do not make standard portraits in a studio or outside. I specialize mostly in cosplay photography. Feel free to contact me with your concept and if this is in my style of shooting, we can discuss further!

When choosing this pack, I will travel to a location of your choice in Belgium. If you do not know a good location, I am happy to assist you!
After the shoot, I make a selection and send these to you, unedited and with a big watermark on. This is for you to be able to make your selection. You are not allowed to use or share these pictures as these are not edited yet.
After that, I go to work! One picture can easily take up one evening of editing so the edit time will depend on the amount of pictures, this will be discussed beforehand.

For more info, please contact me!



€10 per picture excl. travel cost.
     Minimum of 25 pictures.

With this pack, I will travel to your bussiness to make pictures for your website, brochure, etc. These pictures get an edit to give them more feeling, charm and life! As these edits are quicker and less elaborate than portrait pictures, the edit will go quicker. This will again be discussed beforehand.

NOTE: if the pictures require retouching in photoshop, for example, cleaning up dirt and dust, there will be additional charges.

For more info, please contact me! 


Day event: €15 per picture excl. travel cost.
     Minimum of 25 pictures.
Night event: €20 per picture excl. travel cost.
     Minimum of 20 pictures.

This pack is mostly for the artists of any kind and event organizers! You have a performance or event planned and want some quality picture that are not taken by a phone? This is your pack! I will travel anywhere in Belgium to shoot your show. The time of me being there does not matter, only the amount of pictures you desire.
Day event time is from 10am till 6pm, night event time is 6pm till 1am. Every hour after 1am will be charged for another €25 extra per hour.

NOTE: I do not take pictures at parties of the crowd, I am not a party photographer and will solely focus on the performer(s).

For more info, please contact me!